There is no Gaia Baby Range - for good reason - the utmost safety of the baby. Please do not use ‘any’ products on a baby, outside of an unavoidable emergency such as exposure to injurious insects or UV. There is no such thing as a safe baby range other than warm water, pure mineral oil and a non-talc absorbent powder. Cleansers strip an infant’s protective barrier, increasing already extreme vulnerability (undeveloped detoxification systems) to all extraneous agents, including hype ‘natural’ baby products. A ‘natural’ classification does not equal safety. Gaia will not be tempted to engage in such criminally irresponsible dangerous marketing practices. All Gaia Organics products may be safely used as indicated after 2 years of age.

Please note that no mere ‘baby-safe’ indication renders any product safe for babies, or young children. There is always a trade-off with the use of any product other than water, always some risk, irrespective of how ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ such product may be. Soap and all cleansers, without exception, strip protective sebum; plant oils oxidise and rancidify; oxidation products, essential oils and sunscreen chemicals enter the bloodstream. The act of applying anything other than water to the human body is, in the final analysis, an unnatural act, period.

Essential oils can cause subtle and/or serious outcomes, even in adults. For example, Eucalyptus oil applied to the skin can cause skin tumours, systemic toxicity, muscle weakness, convulsions, toxic seizures, unconsciousness and even coma in children at exceptionally low concentrations. Please see our full special reports on these and related important topics in our Consumer Awareness archive.

All Gaia Organics products may be safely used after 2 years of age, if supervised. All are safe during pregnancy.

We at Gaia Organics have indicated only Mosquito Repellent & Bite Lotion (No. 27) and Extreme UV-Sun-Defense Lotion (No. 21) as acceptable for said unavoidable emergencies, where the benefit of use might realistically exceed any possible risk. We do have a baby-safe Happy Nappy Powder that can be used from birth.


Directions: Use liberally after bathing on thoroughly dried kin. Please put the baby on the breast and nothing else.

Contains: iAbsorbent kaolin & maize flour; healing comfrey allantoin; alkalising, oxygenating and sterilising magnesium peroxide; lubricating and anti-oxidant ascorbyl palmitate (a lipidic, non-acidic form of vitamin C); and essential oils of lavender & German chamomile. Please use only this and unscented mineral oil on your baby.

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