Stuart Thomson - Director

Dear Valued Consumer

It is with great pleasure that we bring you our revised Gaia Organics range of natural personal care products. With more than 20-years experience in this field, we bring you a modern range of the finest products available anywhere in the world, in terms of quality, safety & efficacy. Formulations remain identical to those of ours now exported to the E.U. / U.K. markets.

My first product, a toothpowder, was made 20 years ago for my own use as a substitute for commercial toothpaste when my wife Lettie and I ‘dropped-out’ and began living self-sufficiently on a smallholding in the Garden Route, growing vegetables and herbs and with a herd of milk goats.

Many of the idealistic totally natural products that would follow for our own use have evolved since then, arising from practical experience and eventually dictated by solid natural product science, so that today you may also benefit from our mistakes and discoveries, many very hard earned.

We do not take lightly our responsibility for your health and well-being and we often face fierce criticism from well-meaning, yet essentially ignorant sources, of our sometimes controversial positions on so-called natural product formulation, yet the passage of time has and still does vindicate our principled stand as correct and holding of the high moral ground.

Scattered throughout this catalogue and more definitively dealt with in detailed reports, we will share with you the truths regarding personal care toxicology to help you gain perspective on the cesspool of alarmist toxic ingredient scare misinformation circulating on the internet and via e-mail and new age magazines as clever marketing strategies by those who know or should know better, but sadly prefer to profit at the cost of truth.

Because some truths are interspersed into promotional hype, it is difficult for distributors and consumers to discern what information is accurate and what not. A truly informed perspective is the key to making sense of this quagmire and using our 30-year knowledge base and full-time research facility, we are sure you will appreciate our considerable efforts to ensure your safety, including from surprisingly common natural product toxicity and health fraud.


Stuart Thomson, Director, Gaia Research Institute, Garden of Eden, Knysna, South Africa


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