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EXPLANATORY INTRODUCTION: By virtue of perfection being a moving target and us not wanting to price our already outstanding standard range out of the reach of younger, less genetically predispositioned, sun and/or lifestyle weathered consumers who might not actually need the extraordinary level of intensive personal care required to effectively reverse premature visible aging, this Gold Range addresses the special needs of the latter without compromise and at only a slight, yet worthwhile premium. Generally, 35-45 years of age are the guideline crossover years. Three products (Nos. 2g, 4g & 5g) are now reserved exclusively within the Gold Range, in addition to two products (Nos. 9g & 10g), which were from the outset uniquely exclusive to the Gold Range.


For the fine porous structure under and around the eyes & lids and care of recent scar tissue or blemishes. This is the Gold Range version of Cell Oil. The Gold Range version is extra enriched with more of the finer more penetrating omega-6 evening primrose and omega-3 flaxseed essential fatty acids and vitamins. Best used at night.

Directions: Shake well. Apply a few drops from the pipette to a clean finger and starting under the eye area, pat sparingly into freshly cleansed the skin, finishing at the eyes and lids with the remaining trace residues to prevent oil migrating into and smarting the eyes. If in doubt, pat the corners of the eyes clean with tissue before opening.

Contains: cold-pressed jojoba, sesame, flax, evening primrose and coconut oils; mineral oil; vitamins A, C & E and essential oils of neroli, rose Pelargonium & ginger. Preserved with ascorbyl palmitate (oil soluble vitamin C) and a trace of butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), a well-tested synthetic food anti-oxidant used in butter and snack foods incorporating vegetable oils and long used as a safe exogenous antioxidant by leading life-extension researchers and which, with the minimal exposure for the purpose proposed, we deem the only safe means to prevent the bioactive unsaturated oils comprising this pure oil formula from oxidising and becoming a source of skin-damaging free radicals.


Directions: For AHA Toner potentiation, add one pipette to it’s bottle via the puffer should your skin have adapted to the initial strength. For treating wrinkles, apply directly to the upper ‘smoker’s lip’ area (completely avoiding contact with the nose) to the forehead, neck and outside of the hands and forearms and rinse immediately at first sign of a stinging sensation. Add more if not. Caution. Never use neat around the eyes. For the rest of the face, please use the Mature AHA Toner (No. 6g). For gradual extirpation of minor warts, moles, and other raised irregularities, apply concentrate thereto (preferably with ear bud),strictly avoiding runoff to normal tissue and leave on until stinging begins. Rinse off at first sign of stinging, including runoff to normal surrounding tissue.

Contains: purified rainwater; anti-inflammatory green tea; three genuine gentle natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acids; lactic & ascorbic acids; and essential oils of anti-irritant German chamomile, lavender & rose Pelargonium.


Will not instantly protect you from burning UV-B rays. Facilitates progressive UV-A defense against premature aging and skin cancers, with optimal broad-spectrum protective tan developing with disciplined and repeated use.

Directions: Wet skin, shake well, puddle into a cupped hand, spread over the hands, then face, neck & exposed arms.

Contains: in addition to kelp (iodine) trace minerals too numerous to detail: purified rainwater; green tea, kombucha & yeast (selenium), comfrey allantoin, ginseng and pollen extracts; zinc oxide; titanium dioxide; tannic, para-amino benzoic (PABA), alginic & orotic acids; beta-carotene; vitamins A, B2 & 6, C & E; panthenol; tyrosine; glutathione; thymol; colloidal silver, copper, zinc, & manganese; cold-pressed sesame, jojoba, flaxseed & evening primrose oils; and essential oils of lavender, neroli, bitter orange, patchouli, ylang ylang & rose Pelargonium.


Supplements diminishing oxygen levels in aging, melanin or lipofuscin pigmented, cancerous and acne-prone skin.

Directions: Spray a micro-film onto cleansed skin to which raw potato juice and /or Enzymasque has been pre-applied for designed optimal synergistic oxygenating effect. Avoid and/or tissue-off ‘closed eyes’, lashes and eyebrows if a slight bleaching/stinging is to be avoided. If found to be at all irritating, rinse-off and apply less next time (days). If it does not prickle uncomfortably, reapply once dried. Do not shake prior to the 1st application. Shake well after 2nd application and immediately reapply a 3rd application to ensure that a then emulsified lipidic seal traps oxygen on the skin. Store in a refrigerator. Caution: Use maximally twice a week, just prior to retiring, followed by no cosmetic product whatsoever until the next morning. Not for use following the Exfoliating Scrub.

Contains: colloidal silver, copper, zinc and manganese; H2O2 (for endogenous enzyme triggered oxygen release supplemented by potato juice &/or Enzymasque), stabilised into a special anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory green tea and vegetable glycerine liquid matrix, with soothing and cell-proliferating comfrey allantoin, healing centella and multipurpose and anti-oxidant ginkgo & witch hazel extracts; oxygen trapping mineral and jojoba oils; anti-oxidant vitamins A & E; and essential oils of rose Pelargonium & anti-inflammatory German chamomile.


This product may be used advantageously on its own, but has been specially formulated to work synergistically with the previous item, Endo-Epidermal Steri-Oxygenator (Item no. 4g), as indicated in that entry.

Directions: Mix 1 gram (1/4 tsp.) of powder in a tablespoon with a few drops of not warmer than tepid water into a spreading consistency and disperse over well hot-cleansed skin. For best results use tepid green tea to wet the powder and for even better results add a few drops of raw potato juice. Allow to dry and pull tight before softening and rinsing, or preferably re-hydrating with Endo-Epidermal Steri-Oxygenator (item no.4g) to experience the unique benefits of this, our leading-edge innovative development in skin bio-detoxification, rejuvenation and regeneration. Repeat the re-hydration cycle as many times as desired or until an itching sensation dictates termination. We suggest two rehydrations; the second directly followed by a final spray of a now for the first time, a ‘well-shaken’, hence (oxygen-trapping oil on the skin) emulsified Steri-Oxygenator. (Store in a cool dry place)

We would like you to get optimal results from our products. You are welcome to phone our specialist advisory service at 044-532-7765 or 7552 to clarify the correct usage procedure for this and any other Gaia Organics product.

Contains: (from kelp, dehydrated green barley juice, green tea powder, whey & yeast [selenium] extracts) bio-viable anti-oxidative trace elements, free radical scavenging enzymes, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, B-complex vitamins; soothing and repairing comfrey allantoin; catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase enzymes; hyaluronic acid and beta glucan polysacharides and other skin respiratory factors, with significant detoxification, oxygen uptake, and repair increasing potential. Also magnesium peroxide and co-enzyme Q10, the former an oxygen donor and the latter, which in the presence of H2O2 provided by the Steri-Oxygenator (item no. 4g), enhances intracellular thermogenesis, a stimulation of cells essential to and hence optimising cellular function. The base is demulcent gum Arabic and impurity-drawing micro-kaolin & micro-diatomaceous earth.


The most advanced topical visible-aging (wrinkle) retarding & reversing product available anywhere today, rivaled only by the equally advanced solar-damage and skin cancer specific Bio-Nutricell (item 3g above).

This Gold Mature Toner is the premium version of the standard item no. 6 in the main first section. Please consult our rather extensive ‘Introduction to Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners’ in the section preceding listings 4, 5 & 6 (6th page in this catalogue) should you not yet be familiar with that information on fruit acids generally, and more importantly, please consult the ‘Directions (for all AHA Toners)’ entry following the toner listings (7th page in this catalogue), since we are unable, given limited space, to duplicate all of that information here. We do regret the inconvenience of a premium client having to cross-refer to access such useful and important product information.

Contains: purified rainwater; distillate of witch hazel astringent; seaweed extract [iodine], partly for cell-optimising trace minerals, polysaccharides and sulphonated galactins; comfrey extract, especially for chlorophyll and healthy cell-proliferating allantoin; green tea extracts, partly for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant polyphenols, chlorophyll, astringents and organic germanium; stinging nettle extract, partly for gallic acid, organic silica and astringents; centella extract, partly for chlorophyll and immuno-stimulating and skin-healing accelerative asiaticosides; kombucha [selenium] (green tea symbiont) extract, partly for hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan polysaccharides, two rare anti-aging bio-actives normally only obtainable from placenta and rare healing mushrooms; expressed oil of lemon as natural solvent; vitamin C as cell-protectant, thymol as antiseptic and three genuine alpha-hydroxy fruit acids as astringents, preservatives and more specifically for their collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid stimulating cytokine reactivation activities. Gold Mature Toner additionally contains: ginkgo extract and extra green tea extract and specialised kombucha extract; panthenol; cold-pressed jojoba oil and essential oils of lemon, patchouli, lavender, rose Pelargonium, rosemary, sage, thyme & German chamomile.




Contrary to popular advertising myth, the first available over-the-counter natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acid preparations in the world, were conceived, formulated and manufactured by the Gaia Research Institute, years before their current worldwide popularity. Since then many have followed our lead as science validated the amazing ability of properly used fruit acids to turn back the years in terms of visible aging. Today we still lead the field with genuine fruit acid preparations (Nos. 4-6) rather than the harsh cheap mimics (usually sugar-cane derived glycolic acid) used by most other manufacturers. We have also had vindicated by the test of time, our belief that AHA toner lotions are far more appropriate vehicles than creams. Our genuine Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners deep cleanse the skin, including the portals of the pores, via natural herbal organic acids and essential oil solvents, which dissolve contaminated, oxidised and rancid sebum not reached by conventional cleansers. AHA and botanical astringents, on constricting the pores, cause dissolved spent wastes to ooze to the surface to be easily removed by wiping with cotton wool or tissue, a gentle, yet exceptionally efficacious process without equal.

For most of our existence, bar for the last few centuries, humans were primarily fruit eaters and so evolved an exquisite protective acid mantle of natural fruit acids brought to the skin during perspiration. Now, our specially extracted and balanced harmless alpha-hydroxy fruit acids can provide leading-edge biological visible age control via complex mechanisms that optimise the many natural functions of the skin and it’s sub-matrix and significantly improve texture and appearance, which condition peaks within 4-8 weeks with daily use, without the risk of sensitisation or skin damage attendant to many other acid preparations, even if excluding the chemical peels, which can leave disastrously permanent blemishes. Used properly, our AHA products redefine texture and visibly smooth out and retard development of fine wrinkles and significantly reduce the severity of deeper wrinkles by naturally stimulating, via polypeptide signaling, the endogenous production of collagen and elastin. Due to the early demise of spent surface cells, the skin is rendered slightly more vulnerable to UV light if and when a physical exfoliator is used to force the removal of cellular debris (perceived as dry skin), in which case we recommend the use of the most appropriate of our specially formulated biological solar defense products (Nos. 8, 9, 10, 12, 21, 22 & 24).

We have also led the entire field with the incorporation of green tea extracts, which are highly specific anti-irritants against possible inflammation, which is the main drawback of AHAs not formulated as we have done, and which has led to most manufacturers having to reduce their AHA concentrations to often practically useless levels. We note with interest that our most progressive competitors have only now started to follow our lead in these respects. Further benefits of topically applied green tea extracts include very powerful antioxidant properties, which retard the aging process as well as other constituents that actively protect against all serious forms of skin cancer.

All our AHA Toners contains: purified rainwater; distillate of witch hazel astringent; seaweed extract [iodine], partly for cell-optimising trace minerals, polysaccharides and sulphonated galactins; comfrey extract, especially for chlorophyll and healthy cell-proliferating allantoin; green tea extracts, partly for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant polyphenols, chlorophyll, astringents and organic Germanium; stinging nettle extract, partly for gallic acid, organic silica and astringents; centella extract, partly for chlorophyll and immuno-stimulating and skin-healing accelerative asiaticosides; kombucha (green tea symbiont) extract (selenium), partly for hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan polysaccharides, rare anti-aging bio-actives normally only obtainable from placenta & healing mushrooms (selenium); expressed oil of lemon as natural solvent; vitamin C as cell-protectant, thymol as antiseptic and three genuine alpha-hydroxy fruit acids as astringents, preservatives and more specifically for their collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid stimulating cytokine reactivation activities. Each toner type has its own unique extras.

The ingredients listed above were scientifically selected following more than a decade of research for specific skin enhancing properties additional to basic nutritive and abovementioned co-constituents and properties, having valuable additional empirical bio-activities far too numerous to mention here. Each of the three toners additionally contains individualised ingredients. These are listed as contents for each AHA Toner entry. The toners form the skin-type specific basis for correct product selection for optimal results, with an appropriate cleanser and moisturiser being chosen to complement and synergise the anti-aging properties of the AHAs. There are no products capable of safely competing with properly formulated genuine alpha hydroxy fruit acids when it comes to delaying and reversing premature visible aging of the human face, neck, arms and hands. Gaia Organics introduced this natural organic anti-aging technology 16 years ago and even today remains the field leader in this respect.

Note: Genuine Fruit Acids cannot thin the skin as reported for other Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Only if spent surface cells are physically exfoliated, can skin become slightly more vulnerable to solar damage. Being fruit-eating animals by design, we are biologically constituted to eat fruit and perspire its acids.


This is the purist’s equivalent of no. 2 in the main selection. Best used at end of the day. Please consult item 2, page 6 for information. We regret the inconvenient cross-referring, but are unable to repeat that information here.

Item numbers 7g and 8g also contain the exquisite indigenous distinctive signature cross Pelargonium essential oil.

Contains: purified rainwater; palm kernel potassium soap; vegetable glycerine and essential oils of lavender, lemon, sage, lemon balm, rose geranium, tea tree & thyme. Highly recommended for removing environmental pollutants and spent oil residues at day's end, especially if exposed to city or industrial air and/or busy roads. Directions: Apply sparingly to wet skin, avoiding the eyes. Rinse well, preferably with warm water and always follow with an alpha-hydroxy fruit acid toner (Nos. 4-6) to re-establish the vital protective acid mantle on the skin.


This is the richer equivalent of no. 3 in the main selection. Please consult the entry for item no.3 on page 6.

Contains: purified rainwater; a specially formulated low oxidation-potential aqueous cream* base; high purity vacuum stripped sodium lauryl ether sulphate coconut cleanser [S.L.E.S]*; veg. glycerine; cold-pressed sesame oil; mineral oil*; green tea extract; and essential oils of lemon, lavender, rosemary, tea tree & ylang ylang. Directions: Shake well. Apply to wet skin, closing/avoiding the eyes. Rinse well, preferably with warm water if removing oil-based makeup, especially mascara, in the absence of which, cold rinse for moisturisation.


This is the antioxidant Gold Range version of the ultra-hydrating Derma-Optimist (No. 7) in the main selection.

Directions: Shake well and spray a light-mist over your skin, closing eyes and tissuing dry the corners. Best used after toning and prior to applying a moisturising cream, especially where that would not entail using Bio-Nutricell.

Contains: green tea, seaweed [iodine], witch hazel, yeast & kombucha [selenium], centella, ginkgo, aloe, & pollen extracts; certified vegetable glycerine; vitamin C; bioflavonoids; colloidal silver, copper, zinc & manganese; MsulphurM; panthenol; and essential oils of rosemary, rose Pelargonium; lavender & German chamomile.


Primarily a herbal extract based biological ‘lightening’ product for over-pigmented blemishes for night use.

Directions: Apply first to over-pigmented areas, allowing absorption and a few minutes later, to the overall area.

Contains: a specially formulated low oxidation-potential aqueous cream base; colloidal silver & copper; vitamins A, C, B2, B6 & E; panthenol; vegetable glycerine; MsulphurM; magnesium; tyrosine; comfrey allantoin, green tea, centella, bearberry, heather, licorice, lime tree, curcuma and kombucha [selenium] extracts; salicylic acid; and essential oils of rose, rose Pelargonium, lavender & German chamomile. See synergistic Bio-Nutricell (item no. 3g).


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