These are primarily fun products based on genuine Bach Flower Remedies and pure essential oils in a neutral cream base. Whilst Stuart, who formulated these products 15 years ago, had the utmost faith in Dr Bach's healing system as well as in wholistic aromatherapy, he no longer shares this view, which effects he now attributes rather to the placebo effect.

However, this does not detract from the utility of a product of this nature, because placebo effects are readily powerfully induced on the emotional and mental planes and hence products such as these, which were formulated with specific moods in mind, are indeed likely to demonstrate significant efficacy, especially when it is born in mind that genuine Dr Bach's Flower Remedies and pure essential oils are still used in the formulation of these products for those who attribute value to these belief systems.

This is more than can be said for homeopathic remedies prescribed for real illnesses, where even genuine ingredients have not a hope in Hell of effectively treating even emotional and mental illness. For more information on this particular aspect, please click here to visit our homeopathy health fraud page.

The mood magic cream perfume is to be chosen according to the desired mood and applied lightly to the inner wrists from whence it should be transferred from pulse to the neck area below and under the ears.




Gaia no longer supply this product because in this day and age the placebo effect should be free.


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