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Cleansing Wash - pH-Balanced - (All Skin Types)
Cosmetic Soap - Spot-Prone & Normal Skin
Moisturising Cream Cleanser - Mature & Dry Skin

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Apply sparingly to wet skin; avoid the eyes and rinse well prior to alpha-hydroxy fruit acid toning.

Contains: purified rainwater; high purity sodium lauryl ether sulphate [S.L.E.S.]*; certified vegetable glycerine; green tea & centella extracts; essential oils of lemon, neroli, peppermint, rose geranium & German chamomile.



Apply sparingly to wet skin, avoiding the eyes. Rinse well, preferably with warm water and always follow with an alpha-hydroxy fruit acid toner (Nos. 4-6) to re-establish the vital protective acid mantle on the skin.

Contains: purified rainwater; palm kernel oil potassium soap; high purity sodium lauryl ether sulphate [S.L.E.S.]*; green tea extract; vegetable glycerine and essential oils of lavender, lemon, sage, rose geranium, tea tree & thyme. Highly recommended for removing environmental pollutants and spent oil residues at day's end, especially if exposed to cigarette or cooking and/or combustion engine smoke/fumes, city or industrial air and/or busy roads.



Directions: Shake well. Apply to wet skin, closing/avoiding the eyes. Rinse well, preferably with warm water if removing oil-based makeup, especially mascara, in the absence of which, cold rinse for moisturisation.

Contains: purified rainwater; a specially formulated low oxidation-potential aqueous cream* base; high purity sodium lauryl ether sulphate coconut cleanser [S.L.E.S]*; veg. glycerine; cold-pressed sesame oil; mineral oil*; green tea extract; and essential oils of lemon, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, ylang ylang & German chamomile.




Contrary to popular advertising myth, the first available over-the-counter natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acid preparations in the world, were conceived, formulated and manufactured by the Gaia Research Institute, years before their current worldwide popularity. Since then many have followed our lead as science validated the amazing ability of properly used fruit acids to turn back the years in terms of visible aging. Today we still lead the field with genuine fruit acid preparations (Nos. 4-6) rather than the harsh cheap mimics (usually sugar-cane derived glycolic acid) used by most other manufacturers. We have also had vindicated by the test of time, our belief that AHA toner lotions are far more appropriate vehicles than creams. Our genuine Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners deep cleanse the skin, including the portals of the pores, via natural herbal organic acids and essential oil solvents, which dissolve contaminated, oxidised and rancid sebum not reached by conventional cleansers. AHA and botanical astringents, on constricting the pores, cause dissolved spent wastes to ooze to the surface to be easily removed by wiping with cotton wool or tissue, a gentle, yet exceptionally efficacious process without equal.

For most of our existence, bar for the last few centuries, humans were primarily fruit eaters and so evolved an exquisite protective acid mantle of natural fruit acids brought to the skin during perspiration. Now, our specially extracted and balanced harmless alpha-hydroxy fruit acids can provide leading-edge biological visible age control via complex mechanisms that optimise the many natural functions of the skin and it’s sub-matrix and significantly improve texture and appearance, which condition peaks within 4-8 weeks with daily use, without the risk of sensitisation or skin damage attendant to many other acid preparations, even if excluding the chemical peels, which can leave disastrously permanent blemishes. Used properly, our AHA products redefine texture and visibly smooth out and retard development of fine wrinkles and significantly reduce the severity of deeper wrinkles by naturally stimulating, via polypeptide signaling, the endogenous production of collagen and elastin. Due to the early demise of spent surface cells, the skin is rendered slightly more vulnerable to UV light if and when a physical exfoliator is used to force the removal of cellular debris (perceived as dry skin), in which case we recommend the use of the most appropriate of our specially formulated biological solar defense products (Nos. 8, 9, 10, 12, 21, 22 & 24).

We have also led the entire field with the incorporation of green tea extracts, which are highly specific anti-irritants against possible inflammation, which is the main drawback of AHAs not formulated as we have done, and which has led to most manufacturers having to reduce their AHA concentrations to often practically useless levels. We note with interest that our most progressive competitors have only now started to follow our lead in these respects. Further benefits of topically applied green tea extracts include very powerful antioxidant properties, which retard the aging process as well as other constituents that actively protect against all serious forms of skin cancer.

All our AHA Toners contains: purified rainwater; distillate of witch hazel astringent; seaweed extract [iodine], partly for cell-optimising trace minerals, polysaccharides and sulphonated galactins; comfrey extract, especially for chlorophyll and healthy cell-proliferating allantoin; green tea extracts, partly for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant polyphenols, chlorophyll, astringents and organic Germanium; stinging nettle extract, partly for gallic acid, organic silica and astringents; centella extract, partly for chlorophyll and immuno-stimulating and skin-healing accelerative asiaticosides; kombucha (green tea symbiont) extract (selenium), partly for hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan polysaccharides, rare anti-aging bio-actives normally only obtainable from placenta & healing mushrooms (selenium); expressed oil of lemon as natural solvent; vitamin C as cell-protectant, thymol as antiseptic and three genuine alpha-hydroxy fruit acids as astringents, preservatives and more specifically for their collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid stimulating cytokine reactivation activities. Each toner type has its own unique extras.

The ingredients listed above were scientifically selected following more than a decade of research for specific skin enhancing properties additional to basic nutritive and abovementioned co-constituents and properties, having valuable additional empirical bio-activities far too numerous to mention here. Each of the three toners additionally contains individualised ingredients. These are listed as contents for each AHA Toner entry. The toners form the skin-type specific basis for correct product selection for optimal results, with an appropriate cleanser and moisturiser being chosen to complement and synergise the anti-aging properties of the AHAs. There are no products capable of safely competing with properly formulated genuine alpha hydroxy fruit acids when it comes to delaying and reversing premature visible aging of the human face, neck, arms and hands. Gaia Organics introduced this natural organic anti-aging technology 16 years ago and even today remains the field leader in this respect.

Note: Genuine Fruit Acids cannot thin the skin as reported for other Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Only if spent surface cells are physically exfoliated, can skin become slightly more vulnerable to solar damage. Being fruit-eating animals by design, we are biologically constituted to eat fruit and perspire its acids.


In addition to the collective ingredients listed above, this product as part formula specifically contains: essential oils of rose geranium, neroli (orange blossom), lavender, rose & German chamomile.

In addition to the collective ingredients listed above, this product, as part formula specifically contains: colloidal silver (additional); centella extract (additional); jojoba oil; vitamins A, C & E and essential oils of lemon, neroli, bergamot, lavender, sage, juniper, patchouli, tea tree, thyme, German chamomile and lemon balm.

The most advanced topical visible-aging (wrinkle) retarding & reversing product available anywhere today. In addition to the collective ingredients listed above, this product, as part formula specifically contains: extra green tea extract and specialised kombucha (selenium) extract; panthenol; cold-pressed jojoba oil and essential oils of lemon, patchouli, lavender, rose geranium, rosemary, sage, thyme & German chamomile.

DIRECTIONS (for all AHA Toners):

Shake well and apply the lotion to water-dampened and squeezed-out cotton wool. Progressively regulate the dilution, starting with 3 or more drops according to skin sensitivity, increasing the strength as the skin adapts. Leave around the eyes until last in the sequence. The fruit acids should tingle for approximately 30 seconds starting a few seconds after application and then diminish in intensity, in which case allow it to dry on the skin or apply your moisturiser. Should the first sensation prove uncomfortable, merely rinse off and increase the dilution at next application or vice versa. If the skin is ultra sensitive, use only a few drops and rinse off. If rough flaking is noticed (usually after a couple of days), reduce the strength (increase dilution) until you find the maintenance strength just short of visible and tactile flaking, which is known as desquamation, is highly beneficial if mild and should not be confused with ordinary dry skin. If desquamation is visible, the dead cells may be lightly exfoliated twice weekly. Caution! Do not use fruit acids after exfoliation or skin trauma, except as a few drops in rinse water (not to sting).


First choice treatment for dry and especially sensitive skin and to optimise the efficacy of any following product or as a biological micro-nutrient & moisture booster/freshener for dry and all skin types at any time of day and night.

Directions: Shake well and spray a light mist over your skin, closing the eyes and tissuing this area partly dry.

: colloidal silver & copper; vitamin C; panthenol; glycerine; allantoin, kelp [iodine], witch hazel, green tea, kombucha [selenium], centella & ginkgo extracts; essential oils of geranium, lavender & German chamomile.

Our Premier Product. Please cross-refer to nos. 21 & 22 for more info.
Directions: Wet the skin, shake well, puddle into one cupped hand, spread over the hands, then face, neck & arms.

Contains: in addition to kelp (iodine) trace minerals too numerous to detail: purified rainwater; green tea, kombucha & yeast (selenium), comfrey allantoin, ginseng, whey & pollen extracts; zinc oxide; titanium dioxide; tannic, para-amino benzoic (PABA), alginic & orotic acids; beta-carotene; vitamins A, B2 & 6, C & E; panthenol; tyrosine; glutathione; thymol; colloidal silver, copper, zinc & manganese; cold-pressed sesame, jojoba, flaxseed & evening primrose oils; mineral oil and essential oils of lavender, geranium, neroli, bitter orange, patchouli & ylang ylang.

* Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (S.L.E.S.) is a foaming water softener produced by treating coconut with a sulphur salt, alcohol and oxygen, all ubiquitous natural constituents of higher life forms.
Only the highest purity cosmetic-grade material is used and only in wash-off products. Please see our detailed safety data on S.L.E.S. and other ‘supposedly’ harmful ingredients in our scientific exposé Personal Care Toxicology: The Facts. You will be shocked at what is really harmful and what is not. More often than not, the truth is actually counter-intuitive and most so-called completely natural products (are they really?) are far more hazardous for the body and especially the skin than those using natural sourced ingredients specifically enhanced by rigorous innovative science, including the much-maligned petrochemicals, without which the modern world would not exist. Natural petrochemicals (only the pure distilled oil and gel are used to produce an inert non-oxidising and hence as safe a spreading cream as possible), are sourced from crude oil, the result of the return to source of the constituents of ancient vegetation and algae over millions of years and representing the richest repository of pure organic natural substances laid down before any anthropogenic activity and resultant pollution. As with money, all such raw materials can be used for good or for evil and are not inherently one or the other.
See “Personal Care Toxicology: The Facts” in our Consumer Awareness archive for our radical take on S.L.E.S., mineral oil & aqueous cream.

Mineral oil is distilled crude oil, the lipidic equivalent of distilled water. In fact, the highest distillation grade white oil, as used by Gaia Organics, represents the primordial lipid, without the synthesis of which, no life would have been possible on Earth. Aqueous cream is natural mineral oil and jelly semi-naturally emulsified with water and in our application, is a proprietary formula of these highly purified end-stage natural-sourced materials, used to spread the active constituents over the skin and temporarily substitute for protective sebum inevitably washed off.


Some local manufacturers/distributors of so-called natural/organic personal care products, eg. Esse Organic Skincare, Enchantrix and Naturebabes, when exposed by us as having sneaky double standards, claim an informed choice to use Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB) rather than Sodium lauryl ether sulphate (S.L.E.S.) as a foaming cleanser (it is less stinging to the eyes). CAPB, like S.L.E.S., is also a semi- natural substance, made by treating coconut oil with petrochemicals, but in the case of Cocamidopropyl betaine however, this has been increasingly identified as a significant cause of allergic contact dermatitis, to the extent of being voted “Contact Allergen Of The Year” in 2004 by a panel of concerned dermatologists (Mowad C, Adv Dermatol, 20:237, 2004); (Shaffer K, 15th Ann Meet Am Contact Dermatitis Soc, Wash, 5 Feb, 2004); (Agar N et al, Australasian J Dermatol, 46(1), 2005); (Bloom M, Recognising contact dermatitis, Dermatol Times, June, 2005).

See more in our ‘Consumer Awareness’ archive or to access this full 1-page report directly in a separate page, Click Here.

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