“Most Sunscreens Do Only Half The Job, Blocking Unsafe UV-B Rays, But Not Skin-Damaging UV-A
Can We Get Better Cover?”
By Jennifer Huget, Special to the Washington Post, Tuesday June 28, 2005

“With growing certainty and trepidation, dermatologists, cancer doctors and anti-aging gurus over the past decade have come to realize that available sunscreens may fight only half the battle, fending off the sun’s short-wave UV-B radiation. What’s missing is an equally useful weapon against longer-wave UV-A rays, whose deleterious effects have only recently come to light.” (Gaia Research has been saying this in the prior decade!)

“Scientists have come to understand that while UV-A damage isn’t immediately visible. UV-A is now thought to be a prime culprit in premature wrinkling. More unsettling, UV-A now is believed to alter skin cell's DNA, causing mutations that can lead to the big ‘C’ (cancer).” (Gaia Research has been saying this in the prior decade!)

“(Only) Avobenzone (a drug), Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide (two natural minerals) are known to protect against UV-A (& UV-B). An application for the human drug product Mexoryl (irresponsibly already in use outside the USA and available on eBay, for example) is currently undergoing regulatory review before the FDA for permission to market or use commercially.” (Gaia use safe [non-nano-particle] Zinc oxide & Titanium dioxide)

Below follows how I put the above-summarised ‘revelations’ in considerable scientific detail some 10 years ago. As I have said before. “We Lead; Others Follow”. “In Us You Can Trust. Science Fact, Not Science Fiction”.


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