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Upon the sale of the members interests in Gaia Research CC, trading as Gaia Organics in March 2011 to their daughter, Claudia, this website was archived to retain the public's access to the works of Stuart Thomson, Research Director of the Gaia Research Institute upon the member's retirement.

The institute and its funding arm were formally split into two independent entities with no interdependencies other than licencing of and restrictions on use of trademarks, copyright and intellectual property. The rights holder hereby gives notice of and asserts his international common law and other rights, which will be strictly enforced and damage claims instituted against any infringements.

Please note that any contact or correspondence regarding the intellectual property of the Gaia Research Institute and/or its Director, Stuart Thomson is to be addressed to the Director directly at director@gaiaresearch.co.za.

Visitors are invited to communicate feedback, including constructive criticism and rectification of spelling and grammatical errors, since this is intended to be an educational experience and hence, such advisement will be accepted in good spirit.

The counter on this page refers only to hits recorded for the home page and hence not the total number of pages visited, nor the total number of visits to this website other than via the home page, eg. via search engines to individual pages.

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