November 2006 Announcement Regarding the Gaia Colloidal/Ionic Trace Metal Generator & Gaia Protocol.

Gaia Research regrets to announce that its active product support for the Immunological Optimising Protocol has been discontinued until further notice. The very last Mk II Colloidal/Ionic Silver, Copper, Zinc and Manganese Water Sterilising and Fortification Generator in stock, was supplied in October 2006.

The primary reason is that the components imported for the manufacture (outsourced) have all been consumed and also, seeing as the manufacturer’s quality control was steadily declining, resulting in returns for repairs, we have deemed it inappropriate to repeat another cycle of production for this unit.

Additionally, seeing as the manufacturer of the special copper, zinc and manganese electrodes (Argen Precious Metals) ceased trading and we have been unsuccessful in sourcing another manufacturer that meets our requirement, we are doubly forced to discontinue this product, including, regrettably, the anticipated Mk III.

We are also unsure about the future regulatory milieu and shall await clarity as to whether developments warrant efforts to develop a new unit that might mischievously be declared a medical device, albeit designed primarily for water sterilisation and trace mineral fortification, irrespective of any therapeutic potential.

Seeing as this water sterilising and fortification unit was indispensable to the protocol, and the (Cu, Zn & Mn) alloy electrodes an integral component of the unit, we do regret to announce that the protocol can no longer be supported without potential risk to persons attempting to incorporate inappropriate protocol components.

Any subsequent changes to this policy, will be reflected on this page.

As of December 2006 our stocks of Electrolyte Replacement (Potassium Chloride) has been depleted and discontinued. For a recipe on how to make your own electrolyte replacement for electro-colloidalisation for use with a colloidal generator as per our water sterilisation and fortification process with the previously supplied units, please click here.

Stuart Thomson


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